Monesco Krinkle Ginger Baked Chips (12 x 40g)

Monesco Krinkle Ginger Baked Chips (12 x 40g)

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Thin, crunchy, and tasty baked chips served for your perfection. Providing you with selected baked ingredients and variances of flavor to satisfy your daily temptations. With sparkling sugar on top of every slice, present you with 3 selections of flavor which are Coffee, Cinnamon, and Ginger. Dip your Krinkle into your day and night beverage, share the love with your loved ones and you are ready for the enjoyment.

Ingredients: Wheat flour (62.77%), Vegetable Oil (12.71%), Sugar (8.51%), Modified Starch (4.98%), Milk Powder (3.72%), Salt (2.5%), Ginger Powder (2%), Caramel (1.5%), Yeast (1.25%), Leavening Agent (0.04%), Ginger Flavour (0.02%)

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