Promotion codes that are meant for festive season can be used multiple times only within the stipulated period. Whereas there are some written "One Time Use" Promotional code. Do check before entering the code before check out!

Payment will be only made after you have confirm your orders on our website and check out after.


We do not have return policies. If the items you receive is damaged or defected. Please do write in and send pictures of the damaged items to


We will investigate when it deem fit.

We welcome anyone who is looking for a wholesaler to bring in their products into Singapore. Do drop us a pitch deck ! Drop us an email at





All vending machines and services provided by Trejoy Pte Ltd. The machines are installed, re-stocked, and repaired by our sales personnel. However, if you're looking to buy a vending machine instead of renting- drop us an email!

Our process is simple: Step 1: Drop us an email @



Step 2: We'll schedule a meeting to meet with you in person to discuss your needs.

Step 3: The representative will assist you on where to install your vending machines and recommend beverages- advise timeline on when the vending machine is operable

Step 4: The vending machines will be installed shortly after they're ordered.

Usually upon request, we will include snacks together with the drink machine. Drop us an email to find out more !

Should you have a Vending Machine repair issue. You can contact us via our website or call us 24/7(written on vending machine) to report the problem, and we'll make sure it is resolved. Most repairs are taken care of within 1-2 business days depending on the issue.


We use our own in-house delivery crew to deliver your goods!

Delivery will be made within 1-3 working days!

Drop us an email or use our hotline to contact us!

Delivery is free above $30 spent! There will be a $7 charge if your cart is less than $30.